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Looking for Algebra 1 and Math 1 teachers!

If you are an Algebra I or Math I teacher, please see below.

WestEd, a not-for-profit educational research agency, has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education to conduct a study during the fall 2017 semester to evaluate the Querium StepWise™ Virtual Tutor for Algebra. StepWise is an online supplemental homework and quiz program that uses artificial intelligence to help students improve their mathematics problem solving. Aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the intelligent tutoring system provides real-time, personalized tutoring to Algebra 1 students with the goal of achieving outcomes similar to those found with 1:1 tutoring.

Participating math teachers will receive stipends up to $850 for their involvement in this 8-week study! To participate, teachers must: a) be currently teaching Algebra I, and b) have at least part-time 1:1 student access to a computer, laptop, or tablet.

Please indicate your interest in participating by Friday, May 5th:

Please also forward this information to any Algebra 1 teachers who you think might be interested in participating. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Bryan Matlen, Ph.D.
Research Associate, WestEd, STEM program

Brain-Based Learning Job

Aloha, Eric Jensen here.

Recently, my wife’s mom has had some serious health issues. It has got us (that would be myself and my wife, Diane) to think a great deal about our health and our future plans.

One thing I would LOVE to do is find people who really want to do what I do. Yes, I LOVE doing my job, but it is time to be looking for the next generation of fresh faces.

That’s right; do amazing summer trainings for large groups to help both individuals and schools boost student learning. 

Actually, you would have to more than WANT to do it. You would have to SERIOUSLY want it. Maybe you have already been building your career ladder so that you CAN do it. You would have to be COMMITTED enough to jump through the hoops to be READY to do it. You would have to have the RESOURCES (time, money and family support) to actually make it happen. 

If I have described you, maybe it is time to make your move. Please complete the online application so I know you are “out there” and be ready for your next move.

To get started, CLICK HERE.

Thank you.

With gratitude, 

Eric Jensen, Ph.D.

Jensen Learning 


Update Your Information:


Jensen Learning Corp. PO Box 291 Maunaloa, Hawaii 96770 United States (808) 552-0110

The Map of Mathematics

As I was cruising through youtube, I found this incredible video that maps out the beginning of mathematics through how it is applied.  I would love to sit down and speak with this guy, Dominic Walliman.  You will see the connections of science, technology, engineering and more.  What an incredible overview.  Enjoy!  ~Sandy