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Here is a collection of educational videos and podcasts to help students remember what they need to learn.

The Map of Mathematics

As I was cruising through youtube, I found this incredible video that maps out the beginning of mathematics through how it is applied.  I would love to sit down and speak with this guy, Dominic Walliman.  You will see the connections of science, technology, engineering and more.  What an incredible overview.  Enjoy!  ~Sandy


CCSS: Math.Practice.MP1
Lesson Objective
Encourage students to learn from mistakes
7 min
Questions to Consider
What does Ms. Alcala mean by “flow through” credit?
Why does Ms. Alcala review her favorite mistakes instead of the correct answers before passing back the test?
How does this grading strategy foster a class culture that values risks and learning from mistakes?
Common Core Standards

Awards of Excellence Winner!

Passion. Motivation. Inspiration.

This is a few of the lines from the attached video.  Get inspired!

Your time is limited.  You have got to find what you love.  Work will fill a large part of your life.  Have the courage to follow your hearts.  Up and downs will occur.  The real challenge of growth comes from when you get knocked down.  It takes courage to start over.  Fear kills!  At the end of feelings is nothing.  But Behind every principal is a promise.  Get over your feelings!  Don’t allow your emotions to control you.  Discipline your emotions.  Don’t allow your emotions to control you!  Make a declaration of what you stand for!  Take full responsibility for your life!  Life each day as if it were your last.  Live your life with PASSION.  with some drive.  It doesn’t matter what happens to you. What are you going to do about it!  Don’t give up!  Don’t give in!