Educational Resources

All of the following are free for anyone’s use:

Khan Academy –  has delivered more than 32 million free lessons in video for mathematics, science, finance, history, test prep and more.

Free online test practice. Practice a variety of tests including, GED, MAP, CST, SAT, and PRAXIS.

Free online test practice for SAT, ACT, PSAT – lessons and other resources available.

More online tests practices. Practice test CBEST, LSAT, PSAT, XXRN, CLEP, CNA…

University Tutors –   tutoring assistance

IQ, Personality, Team Tests and Career – Learn more about yourself in order to best choose the career of best fit.

Quiz Maker:  This site enables easy creation of flash cards and games for any subject area. I used it often for my English class last year. I’d be happy to share how I used this site with others.

AVID program – resources and a blog for chatting.

Myers and Briggs Tests – understanding your personality takes guess work out of your life.

FIND YOUR STRENGTHS:  students find their areas of strengths. Are they Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Logical, Visual, Musical, Intrapersonal with self and/or others. Have students take this 56-question test to learn more about themselves.

TEST YOUR LEARNING STYLE AND MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE: discover your learning style and take a multiple intelligence test.

FIND YOUR LEARNING STYLE:   discover your learning modalities with this online inventory and information.

 FIND YOUR BRAIN DOMINANCE: The brain is split into four sections: Upper Left, Lower Left, Upper Right, Lower Right. Which is dominant for you?

Prepare and take the GED. Feel the sense of accomplishment by completing your General Education Development.

Find a top Nursing School.

Get your Teaching Degree

Get your Master’s Degree

College Assistance 

Songs and videos are a great way for students to learn information.Check out these videos that will help information to “stick”.


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