Educational Resources

All of the following are free for anyone’s use:

Best Private School Loans of 2018

Best Student Loan Consolidations of 2018

Khan Academy –  has delivered more than 32 million free lessons in video for mathematics, science, finance, history, test prep and more.

Free online test practice. Practice a variety of tests including, GED, MAP, CST, SAT, and PRAXIS.

Free online test practice for SAT, ACT, PSAT – lessons and other resources available.

More online tests practices. Practice test CBEST, LSAT, PSAT, XXRN, CLEP, CNA…

University Tutors –   tutoring assistance

IQ, Personality, Team Tests and Career – Learn more about yourself in order to best choose the career of best fit.

Quiz Maker:  This site enables easy creation of flash cards and games for any subject area. I used it often for my English class last year. I’d be happy to share how I used this site with others.

AVID program – resources and a blog for chatting.

Myers and Briggs Tests – understanding your personality takes guess work out of your life.

FIND YOUR STRENGTHS:  students find their areas of strengths. Are they Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Logical, Visual, Musical, Intrapersonal with self and/or others. Have students take this 56-question test to learn more about themselves.

TEST YOUR LEARNING STYLE AND MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE: discover your learning style and take a multiple intelligence test.

FIND YOUR LEARNING STYLE:   discover your learning modalities with this online inventory and information.

 FIND YOUR BRAIN DOMINANCE: The brain is split into four sections: Upper Left, Lower Left, Upper Right, Lower Right. Which is dominant for you?

Prepare and take the GED. Feel the sense of accomplishment by completing your General Education Development.

Find a top Nursing School.

Get your Teaching Degree

Get your Master’s Degree

College Assistance 

Guide to Secure Your Child’s Financial Future

Guide to Secure Your College Student’s Credit Future



Songs and videos are a great way for students to learn information.Check out these videos that will help information to “stick”.


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