Passion In Education is a collection of people that want to do what is best for students.  We welcome information, ideas, research, and service to help meet that goal.strategic_header2_0Passion In Education teaches the importance of finding your gifts, skills and talents in order to use your passion toward serving others.  We research best practices in learning how to discover these strengths and support those which follow those practices and sharing that passion.
  • You can join us on Facebook.
  • PIE researches, provides and updates Educational Support via the internet.
  • Passion In Education collects current ADHD/ADD information and/or strategies.
  • Sandy spent most of her years in the mathematics departments in schools and was a mathematics consultant at county level.  Math Support is close to her heart. Krishna Adams
  • English support is available here as well.
  • We provide ideas for college preparation.
  • In the last few years, Sandy has learned much about Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Chakra, Essential Oils and more.  Learning to take care of yourself and leading your children or students down that road will calm them and keep them grounded.
  • Sandy is always looking for video inspirations that can be used in classrooms, meetings, for individuals.  See if you can find a video that speaks to your needs on our page.

Sandy Carl